Our SEO Process

First, we need to create a map that defines and guides the steps that will lead us to the finish line.

We begin every project with a critical analysis of your business goals.

At this stage, we identify your audience, your expectations and how we must meet your needs.

This is where we carry out a critical review of your website.

Our goal here is to create a comprehensive audit reports for your project.

We will analyze the technical details of your site structure and any relevant aspects.

We also study offsite issues such as inbound links generated from other websites.

This exercise helps us prioritize the crucial areas that need to be improved.

In this step we identify your audience, their problems and worries, what keywords they would search to fulfill their needs and desire.

The research will include data like monthly search volume, competition level and the commercial value.

Upon completion we’ll email you the keyword research in excel file for your feedback.

In this step, we manage all the background processes such as the site structure, loading times and various technical details that are considered by search engines when determining the quality of the website.
Backlink is still one of the most important ranking factors.

Here, we will use our resources to get the desired links from other highly regarded websites.

Backlink report will be emailed to you on first day of each month to keep you informed.

Search engine optimization cannot be described as flipping a switch to turn on the light.

It is essentially the modification of many factors to maximize the traffic potential.

Key metrics from Google Analytics, Search Console and other SEO tools will be gathered to evaluate the success of the project.

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