local domain

There are times when all the region specific words you put into your website do you no good.

If you aren’t moving up or down in rank when it comes to Singapore and Malaysia local searches, there’s a good chance that the SEO isn’t the problem but something else is.

What you may be missing is a local .sg or .my domain name.

It could give you the results and the rank that you’ve been striving for.

The Benefits of a Local Domain Name

Being optimized to the local region, such as Singapore or Malaysia means that you can bring in plenty of high-quality traffic to a website.

There’s a good chance that if you don’t have a local domain name someone will search for a shop based in your niche in a different area and contact you for information even though you aren’t anywhere near their location.

You can avoid this by using the right keywords, but this doesn’t work perfectly.

Your best bet is to include the location of the business in a top-level domain (TLD) to tell search engines such as Google just where in the world you are.

1. People Like to Buy Local

buy localEven though you may make a lot of online purchases from websites such as Amazon and Taobao, you’re purchasing local goods more often than not.

When customers see that your website address ends with .sg or .my it tells them that you are a local business and are likely to offer delivery.

People also prefer to make transactions using native currency rather than messing around with conversion rates.

It improves the overall user experience.

Search engines are placing more importance on the user experience than ever before.

2. Build Links

backlinksIf a potential partner from your local region notices that they are in the same area as you, they may be more willing to establish links between the two of you.

There are benefits to international relationships of course, but local support is a great way to build up authority and establish your reputation in your region.

Worry about expanding later.

3. Get Creative

creativeHow great would it be if you could add your branding to the domain name for the website?

Well, a TLD allows you to perform a domain hack.

This is when the address of the website combines the domain name and TLD to create a word or phrase such as help.us or check.in.

If you can combine your company name with either .sg or .my then you’ll have a spark of creativity that can help you stand out from the crowd.


Having a .sg or .my domain appeal to customers in the local sector, whereas a .com address appeals to the global market, making it a good choice for businesses that want that kind of global outreach.

If you’re looking to boost your reputation in the local area though, then you want to make the move to a local domain.

Just allowing search engines to geotarget your website can provide a major boost to your SEO.

Even if the business is built on .com, getting your hands on a .sg or .my domain extension can help to secure the assets of your brand and appeal to local markets.