Terence Lim, SEO Strategist

Based in Petaling Jaya, Malaysia, SEO Terence was founded in Year 2011 months after my friend Thomas and I helped a mutual friend to drive targeted traffic to his online eyewear store.

Thomas worked on optimizing every possible aspects of the website while I worked on backlinking campaign and creating content that solve the prospects’ problems.

It turned out that Google loves the website and many high searches targeted keywords especially brand and product keywords are ranked.

Since then with mostly organic traffic the eyewear business generating 5-figure monthly net profits.

Our friend was impressed and hired us to work on 3 more projects and just like that, we’ve decided to take our skill more seriously and founded the SEO company.

We’ve worked with local SMEs, public listed companies, Singapore startups, eCommerce from small to big sizes from various industries.

We can work the same magic on your business.


We never stop learning and upgrading ourselves with the knowledge and tools to help our clients achieve their (and our) business goals.

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