If you’re getting started with online marketing for your Malaysia and Singapore start-up, then you should consider using Search Engine Optimization (SEO) as it’s one of the most effective and best strategies.

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SEO is perhaps the most powerful tool you have at your disposal for gaining new users.

Today we’ll be sharing 7 SEO tips for start-ups in Malaysia and Singapore:

1. Use WordPress

wordpress MalaysiaWhen it comes to SEO, you should make use of WordPress for building your website.

WordPress as a whole is user-friendly and SEO-friendly as well, allowing it to boost your work in improving SEO.

If you’re going to work with WordPress then it’s a good idea to have a professional programmer on your side to work on the website, as WordPress also happens to be the most popular CMS on the market.

2. Use Free SEO Tools

analytics MalaysiaThere are a number of free SEO tools available that are all good to use.

SEO is one area where you’re able to save plenty of money and make the most out of a tight budget.

Whether you’re using Google Analytics, Google Webmaster Tool, or the Yoast SEO plugin you’ve got a lot of choice in free resources for measuring and improving SEO.

3. Embrace the Comments

Even though we’ve seen lots of websites turn comments off lately, the reality is that keeping comments open boosts SEO and also improves the credibility you have with readers.

Having relevant comments on your content gives the Google crawler some fresh content to find, which is what it loves the most.

Allowing blog comments and even making some useful comments on the blogs of other people (complete with a backlink to your own website) is a great way to boost your SEO.

4. Use Relevant Titles and Images

imagesSomething that you have to do when putting together a great SEO strategy is to focus on titles and the images used in content.

The titles in your content, especially H1 and H”, should have relevant keywords.

When it comes to images, you need to rename the image URL to something more SEO-friendly like “how-to-write-content.jpg” than having it be something simple like “image2.jpg”.

5. Use Infographics

They say an image is worth a thousand words, but it can actually be worth more.

While you need to use at least one image in each post, you also have to make use of a range of image formats.

One great image format to include is an infographic.

Visitors enjoy infographics because of how simply they display data; letting readers learn something new quickly and easily.


You don’t need to have a wall of text or anything.

The infographic just needs to be useful and easy-to-read.

Making good use of this strategy can get some much needed referral traffic and organic traffic to your website.

6. Have Valuable Content

It’s impossible to over-emphasize how important useful content is.

What’s the point in spending time writing content if readers don’t find it interesting?

Readers also have no interest in reading content that doesn’t solve a problem for them.

Readers are also more likely to share your content if they find it useful, giving you more backlinks.

#7 Have the Right Mindset for SEO

If you’re going to be using an SEO strategy, then you have to make sure to have a good SEO mindset for it.

This means having the ability to stay on top of performance metrics through Google Analytics and stay up to date on guidelines from Google.

Ultimately you should never forget that your website is designed for humans, not search engines.

In Short…

Are you to busy running your start-up to worry about SEO?

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