If you are looking to get your business on top of the Google search and make it easy for the customers to find you.

Malaysia SEO company

You need to have a strategy that will make your company rank highly in the searches.

Here in Malaysia, you will find that there are several companies providing SEO services but one question you need to ask yourself before engaging any of them, is whether they will help you get visible online and increase sales.

Before hiring a Malaysian SEO Company, you need to know the following 5 things, this is what will guarantee you a quality SEO services and a chance to get at the top of the search results in the search engines.

1. Does the company offer SEO services which comply with the search engine quality guidelines and recommendations?

google guidelinesYou do not want to engage a company which will deliver SEO (search engine optimization) which are not in line with the quality guidelines set by Google and other search engines.

Such services can lead to blacklisting of your site; this will mean that your customers will find it hard to get you from the searches.

This means that targeting customers through online marketing will be a futile exercise since it will be impossible for them to find you through searches.

This stresses the need to hire a company where SEO agencies are up to date with the current guidelines.

It is important to note that the algorithms keep on changing, therefore hiring a company which has no clue on the latest changes may spell doom to your business.

2. Does the SEO Services Company understand your target market?

target marketTo succeed in any online campaign, there is a need to understand the targeted market.

What is its demographic composition, what it its culture.

These are some of the factors that will help the company building SEO to come up with content and links which are relevant.

This will help the company come up creative and effective SEO strategies.

This gives the local companies an edge as they understand the targeted audience well.

3. How Does the Company Conduct the Keyword research?

keyword researchThis is a crucial question as it informs you how your webpage will perform in the searches.

The content used in the SEO campaign need to be original and not copies from any site; this will ensure uniqueness something that score highly in the search engines.

If the SEO company takes originality seriously, they are a good bet but if they encourage copying and condone plagiarism, then you are in for a rude shock as most of your content will be blacklisted and noted as duplicate leading to poor performance of your site as far as search engine results are concerned.

4. What Types of Backlinks The SEO Company is Building

backlinksContent is King and Backlink is Queen!

Original content and ethical backlinks will move your website high up the rank, making your business easily visible to online visitors using search engines.

Backlinks will send quality leads into your site, they are normally hit by people who are interested in knowing more about your business.

This stresses the need to hire a SEO company which builds strong SEO backlink profile.

Backlinks is the bridge to your site, increasing the chances of success.

5. Does the Company Provide Useful Reports on Ranking and the Performance of Your Site?

You need to get value for your money.

seo reportsThe money that you spend on your SEO campaign should not go to waste, you need to get the desired results.

The company that you have hired need to be serious about giving periodic reports on the performance of your site on the search engines.

This will show you where you are and also inform your decision making.

The company needs to carry out periodic online audits to see how your site is performing and also advise on what need to be done to ensure that you remain at the top.

The company must have working knowledge of the online audit tools such as Google analytics.

They should be able to send you ranking reports on a regular basis, this can be either weekly or monthly, without you requesting.

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