creative thinkingIt’s not the easiest job in the world to create content for Malaysian and Singapore customers.

It’s tough to write content that grips the reader.

Is there anything you can do if the words aren’t flowing and you can’t think of any ideas?

After all, your content won’t write itself.

It’s up to you to be creative and start making it.

The following are 4 creative thinking techniques for improving copywriting.

1. Mind Maps

Mind maps are a classic technique, proven to be very useful because of the way they combine brainstorming with a visual diagram.

You can put together your own mind map on paper or you could download an app on your smartphone that lets you get your ideas out.

What matters is that you write down absolutely everything that pops into your mind, even if it feels completely unconnected to everything else.

Write down as many ideas as you can think of and then you can worry about connecting the dots, finding patterns, and thinking of topics.

2. Checklists

There are six questions you can be asking at any given time.

These could end up becoming the basis of the content checklist.

When you have a theme, here are the 6 questions you should answer about it:

  • Who
  • What
  • When
  • Why
  • Where
  • How

This 5W1H scheme as it’s called will help you define who the audience is, what your topic is, when something happened or is scheduled to happen, where something is, and why you are discussing the specific theme or product.

The how of the situation could be something unrelated or it could be how you discovered the thing that you are discussing with your reader.

Of course, this is all completely hypothetical.

The questions you’ll be asking yourself depend entirely on the article you’ll be writing.

3. Picture Association

Sometimes we get stuck thinking only rational thoughts, with our views being condensed to just the words on the page.

If this happens then you aren’t thinking creatively anymore, and it’s going to hurt your content.

This is when you can make use of picture association.

Here’s how it works:

The first thing to do is perform an image search for the topic at hand.It can be anything at all, even a random and unrelated idea.

After doing the search look at the whole picture and start dissecting it.

If you found a picture of a rose in bloom for example, then you might consider the breed of rose, where it’s growing, why it’s the color it is, and who was the one who planted it.

Use your answers to tell a story.

This gets you thinking creatively and motivates you to work on the task you’ve been set.

Using stock photos can make the process a little more difficult.

Let’s say that you were writing about business for example, then let the picture prompt you towards understanding the dialog between characters around the topic.

4. Step Away From Your Work

This is also known as changing perspective.

Things become stagnant if you stare at your computer for too long.

That’s why you need to get up and go.

Step away from your work and go to a different environment.Let your imagination wander and get some fresh air.

Find something funny to talk about with co-workers or take a bathroom break.

Do some squats and have a cup of tea.

Invigorating yourself like this is a great way to take your copywriting to the next level.


There are four things you can do to improve your copywriting in a fun and creative manner.

If you start running out of ideas even though you really need to write something soon, these techniques can get you back on target.

Try them out for yourself, or contact us today and let us take care of it!