Since the beginning of the internet, SEO (search engine optimization) and PPC (pay per click – such as Google Adwords) have been pitted against one another in a competition to see which is best.

ppc or seo

If you were to look at each option closely though you’ll see that they both have the same goal; that of increasing traffic to your website.

The difference between the two methods is how they do this, and the results they offer.

Whether you have a Singapore or Malaysia-based corporate, there are two aspects to look at when deciding if you should go with SEO or PPC for your business.

  1. Time Given

To put it simply, if you want fast results then you should choose PPC.

timeThis advertising method allows you to choose keywords to target, create landing pages, write the ad, and then publish it.

As far as SEO goes, SEO is a strategy that can take months to produce noticeable results or, in a worst case scenario, no results.

Even after climbing to the top of position on a search engine, you need to have a strong team of SEO experts on hand to maintain those top positions.

So if you’ve got a new website or service/product that needs to be marketing, PPC such as Adwords will be able to give you the best short-term results possible.

PPC enables you to test the market and get a lot of important data, such as conversion rates and time-on-site quickly.

After reaching the point your business appeals to the market, you can start to focus more on SEO to create long-term targeted traffic – offering a higher conversion rate – and a better reputation for your brand.

  1. Budgetary Restraints

Some people feel that the main difference between the two options are that SEO is free while you have to pay for PPC.

budgetThe reality is actually quite different.

It doesn’t matter if you’ve got an SEO team in-house or are hiring an outside SEO agency, you will HAVE to spend money to get results from either option.

Of course, there can be major differences between how you make these payments and how much you are expected to pay.

If you choose to go the SEO option then you’ll have to pay your SEO specialist for their work, keyword research, content research, competition analysis, content creation, onsite audit, monitoring backlink campaigns, and more.

If you’re going to go for the PPC option, then you have to pay each time someone clicks on one of your ads.

If you hire a PPC agency for your campaign, you’ll likely have to pay them a monthly advertising budget, a small percentage of which is their commission.

The main challenge you face when going for PPC is seeing a return on investment.

Put Simply…

If you’ve got a large budget and only a limited amount of time to reach a quota, then you want to choose PPC.

If you want to create long term success and establish your brand reputation, then you want SEO.

So PPC provides you with quick results and a lot of useful data, while SEO will help your business establish a strong base that takes time to nurture.

Why Not Have Both?

I find that most of the Malaysia and Singapore companies I’ve spent my time working with are under the impression you have to choose between the two.

seo ppc

It’s time we think outside the box and considered that the best strategy could be combining SEO and PPC because they complement one another so well.

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