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SEO Myth, FAQ, What is SEO (and What is Not!)

With information overload and ever-changing of the Google algorithm, search engine optimization could be confusing to the many.

To help you make better decisions here are some FAQs and SEO myths:

No. Whether you’re hiring a SEO agency or do SEO on your own, it involves resources and cost in different stages – keyword research, competition analysis, content creation, onsite optimization, backlink campaign and SEO tools.

Having said that, SEO often proven to provide the highest return on investment (ROI) because of the quality of traffic they drive.

SEO is an ongoing marketing project.

Everyday your competitors below your search ranking positions work hard to push you down the ladder.

SEO campaign is needed to continually dealing with fluctuations and maintain rankings.

We reject websites that…

  • Promote any kind of discrimination.
  • Sells or promote controversial medication/cures.
SEO and PPC have always been compared but they are both actually used to achieve the same goal – drive targeted traffic to your online presence.

In a nutshell, if you have a limited time to achieve some pre-determined goals you may consider PPC.

For long term return on investment (ROI) and brand credibility, SEO is the answer.

Search Engine Marketing (SEM) was once used as a general term to incorporate both SEO and paid search marketing.

Recently the industry has adopted the SEM term to refer simply to paid search.

The time it takes to get rankings and traffic is depending on:

  • How competitive the industry or keywords are
  • How long the website has been established
  • How well the website has been optimized, eg SEO-friendly CMS, urls etc
  • Whether the site has been penalized in the past

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