Frequently Asked Questions

1) What seperates you from other SEO companies?

The main reason we’re the most exciting SEO company you could work with is the fact that we started SEO for our own online business, rather than making it as a service for clients. This is the real challenge that helped us to learn what works for businesses in long term. At this point we’re still running our own online businesses with more than 60% organic search traffic.

Also, SEO Terence is a 100% Malaysian founded company. This advantage allows us to develop strategies that help businesses targeting the Malaysian market.

2) What sort of results can I expect from your SEO service?

You can expect a huge boost in traffic as a result of more exposure of your website. We carefully analyse and work on your website in a methodology that ALL your webpages gain attention from search engines. This method also helps your future webpages get indexed quickly and ranked highly on search engines.

Besides the improvements on overall webpages ranking, other “side effects” our clients have seen include:

  • Constant ranking improvement in social media profiles (eg Youtube, Facebook Page etc), even no intention of getting them ranked;
  • Increase in visitors’ Average time-on-site and Page views, indicates they show more interest in your products and services.
  • Increase in conversion rate as a result of quality content that sells.

3) What sort of monthly budget do I need?

All websites are different. Please click here to send us an enquiry so that we can analyse your project.

4) What are the guarantees?

100% money back if no keywords appear on Google 1st page results during optimization period (20 weeks).

5) How does the process look like?

Your SEO success starts by send us an enquiry. We will get back to you with our suggestions to improve your website. Upon agreement we’ll start the the process as below:


6) Do you work on all types of businesses / websites?

No. We reject websites that…

  • Promote discrimination.
  • Sells or promote controversial medication / cures.
  • Consist adult content.
  • In the same industry – SEO.